Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Funny and Busy Times;;;;

Its been a long time.. beans been sooo busy....What makes a "Happy Kitty?"

Effectively, four key factors lead to a ‘happy cat’:
• Low stress (emotional and physiological – temperature, hunger, and an ability to
cope with situations)
• Low anxiety (predictability – no uncertainty from unknown/imagined sources)
• Low fear (limited [or no] threats which cause distress)
• Sufficient physical and mental stimulation

Now to share some really funny cat scenes Miz Allie says some of these are oldies but still funny to watch...Enjoy...meow...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Miz Allie Cat explains: What is a Cats Map???

Cats Bodies as a Map......
1. Cats don’t have a clavicle bone, allowing them to pass through any space no bigger than their head. Nope we are escapr artists...meow
2. Cats move both legs on one side, and then both leg on the other, a trait they share with camels, giraffes and a select few other mammals. Nobody knows what the connection is, if any. Hey I'm no camel....meow
3. Typically, cat’s claws are sharper on the forefeet are sharper than on the hind feet. Yup just ask mom's leg...meow
4. Most cats have five claws on their front paws and four or five on their rear paws, but cats are prone to polydactyly. Famously, the cats hanging around Hemingway’s house in Key West are six-toed. we have what??? meow
5. Cat’s night vision is superior to humans, but their day vision is inferior. Well we sleeps then anyways...meow
6. The official name for cat’s whiskers is vibrissae. What????????? meow....
7. Due to an ancient mutation, cats can’t taste sweetness. Oh no who did that!!! meow....
8. Blue-eyed cats with white fur have a higher incidence of genetic deafness. I hear goods...meow
9. Cats expend nearly as much fluid grooming as they do urinating. Well we must be clean.. meow
10. Cats will almost never meow at other cats; that sound is reserved mostly for communication with humans. Oh yes I talks to mommy all the time...meow........

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Miz Allie Gots and Award!!!!! MEOW

Karen Jo at KittyLimericks gave me this award and I feel very honored.
Thank you, Karen Jo especially for all yer limericks we loves them...meow...!!

Here are the rules:

1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

I would like to pass this award on to:
1. Rascal
2. Daisy
3. The Crew
4. PJ&B
5. Mr. Hendrix
6. Purrprints
7. Samantha & Tigger

I love these blogs and not sure if they have been awarded already, but if so I will add you again because you all deserve it!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Miz Allie Takes a Stroll in the Yard

Miz Allie takes a stroll........................Meow

Miz Allie is exploring the big scary yard...and around the back of that bigggggg tree....phew.....over the bridge...whats that...ahhh its just that silly ole squirrel....and that was sure a long walk...oh what is that...ohhh just a hose...phewy....meow...sacrs the purrrr rights out of me....looks at those birds and bugs all around...what's a kitty to do??? I sure like the yard when mommy is right there with me..meow...Now that wasn't too bad!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

MEOW Today is my Blogoversary

Happy Blogoversary to me!!!!!
Yes it is today it is...Back in 2007 I started my 1st doesn't seem like it but its I am saying my meows to all my blogging friends for commenting here and reading my blog!!!!

Mommy just got back froms her vacation and I am really happy now....meow...see how pretty it was...too much water for me...meow....

Miz Allie Cat

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Little Birdie Without a Tail

This little guy showed up out back and he has no tail....Mom thought it was a baby but I thinks that old big black cat that has been lerching around here got a holds of it and chewed it off...

Then I went out to investigates and I ran snap dag into that ole squirrel that mom scared me and the squirrel so much we just stood there and looked at each other and then it ran up the tree.. me I don't much care about it but I don't want it touching my nose...meow....

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Miz Allie's mommy is joining other online kitty friends Sunday for a BBQ in a park in Cerritos CA. this is a 1st and we are looking forward to it..Miz Allie will stay at home, cause she doesn't like all the heat and chatter...meow...but mommy will tell her all abouts it! Meow....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Look what Mommy found out back

I got a terrifics package from my Swap n' Tails partner...yummy smelling stuffs that I had to get into right away, and 3 white toys...lots of fun...
then Mommy took a picture of the sun going down and look at the dragon fly she found out by the pond. I was not too interested in going out by that big fly...I mean what if it landed on me??? It might bites my nose...Oh...No.....meow....I'm staying right here indoors where its saftest....meow....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Left at Home Alone

Mom went to the Angels game and guess where I went?


Yeah I stayed at home. But that is ok since I am not much for out there on that big scary field and they have that Monkey creature jumping up and down that makes me too dizzy and want to swap it one!!!

Mom and dad were happy though because their team won!!! And then all those fireworks!!!! Oh No!!! Meow....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Miz Allie Cat Responds to Bendrix' Tag on the "I Am Useful Darnnit" Meme

Bendrix tagged Miz Allie Cat for the 7 Useful Things Meme! That was after I tooks my daily nap so I was real rested up for the challenge.

My mommy has been on vacation so she didn't see this right away. she is on the ball and helping me write this meme.....

1. I make sure I sit by my mommy all the time so she can rub my ears. She likes to feel them and I like it when she whispers into them and calls my name..meow...

2. I never let me mommy sleep much pass dawn. I need my vittos and mommy needs to get them for me...Daddy isn't too happy with my meowing, but that is ok mommy will get up..meow

.3. I make sure that there is always room for my green treats. Mommy gives them to me every morning, at night I get just my stinky food, but in th emorning mom treats me. meow

4. I keep the beans from drinking all the milk. I like to like mom's ice cream bowl after she has finished her part.mmmmm good I loves vanilla...meow

.5. I keep the daddy company only when mom is away for a trip otherwise I completely ignore him, afterall he is just there to buy my food. Meow

6. I also make sure the beans gets their daily exercise by sweeping my kitty litter off the floor. I could be a little more careful, but I likes to shake my paws all over and throw those tiny gritty things everywhere. Mom seems to be a biy upset at it but she always laughs at me so I figure she wants me to do it more.

7. I keep watch to make sure those big funny looking creatures [opossums]with the pointed noses never comes in the kitty door and gets mommy and daddy all scared and upset. They have spiky backs and ugly looking faces, always up on the fince and boy they can sure hiss a lot. But I scares them over the fence and back into their waterway.

.8. I help foxy to get a new bed, I got lots of hairs all over the back of the couch and mommy thought it was that ole Foxy and went out and got her a new bed for her own sopt on the couch. Now I gets momy all to myself and that ole Foxy gets sent to her bed on the couch at the other end...meow...

9. I keep my mommy "toasy" at night when she is watching TV by curling up on her lap and then pushing against her chest till she rubs my ears. That way I feeels good and she stays warm, and I get to give her little "love" bites on her hand to massage her too. Meow...

Now you may ask, why did I do 9 instead of 7? Well, I was following Bendrix and thought that I should show just how useful I really am and how much my mommy needs me.

I'll tag: PB&J, the Cheezits, Mickey, Daisymae Maus, and Derby some of my feline friends...Meow

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Miz Allie Speaks out on Walking Your Cat???

Should We Be Walked or Not?

There are several types of harnesses that are comfortable and pretty or best suited for us to wear??? I do not personally like them, but mommy insists I wear one occasionally. So the question remains should you or should you not walk us? Meow...
Well .....there are mixed views on that question. Some say of course you should and they take the time and patience to train us. Others say no never, because we are wild in nature and there is no point to try and capture us. But if you do you are just kidding yourselves as we are really walking you? meow.... And then there are those that think we may need the exersize and insist on making us learn. And I must agree that some of us could lose a pound or two...puurrrr...but most mommy's or daddy's want us to learn how to walk so if your one of those who must try then these tips might help you...meow....
There are many reasons why taking the time to leash train us can be of immense value: if we tend to scratch our nails on your furniture, and like to climb your drapes or otherwise cause harm to your belongings; maybe we hang out at every window, fascinated with the great outdoors; or maybe yer mommy needs the exercise??? meow, I sure don't...puurrrr for the fun and exercise for yourself; for the enjoyment and exercise for your kitty.

To be successful in leash training us, it is of the utmost importance that you use the correct type of harness. We are notorious for being able to squirm out of many types of harness restraints, and this will obviously not work for successful leash training. You will need a comfortable, safe type of harness, designed for the special needs of us. Look for a harness that is more of a jacket and soft and limber, but really strong. This is especially important as we tend to be more skittish than our furry friends, dogs, and we may need lots of emotional and physical reassurance. If the we don't feel safe in our harness/walking jacket, we may continue to squirm and ultimately wriggle free and run off. Meow

The first thing to do is to get your us used to the Walking Jacket. Be very patient and persistent, and reward us lovingly. meow meow......Yelling, hitting or rough treatment will only make us mad and we will fear you. Remember, too, that we are all unique meow...., and will react differently. The optimum age to start leash/harness training is six to seven months of age. If you .

Place the harness and leash where we can sniff, paw and play and maybe we might lay down beside it, and jump, squirm, roll and paw for awhile.meow..... Don't encourage the bad behavior by laughing or trying to soothe us. Do not reprimand us either. It's best to just ignore us and let us get used to the items in our own time and way.

After several days, gently, but firmly, put the jacket on us, slowly-- allow two fingers width at the neck and stomach (do not attach the leash yet). Often, the best results come when this is attempted just before feeding. At this point, we may exhibit abnormal behavior, such as running around the room or lying on our side and acting as though we can no longer stand. As long as we are in safe surroundings, leave the jacket on for five minutes. Repeat this several times a day for a week to ten days. It is very important that we learn immediately to associate the jacket with going outdoors, Miz Allie also recommends that you hold your baby and speak very calmly but with excitement to us, and carry us out the back door, or even just hold us up to a window, etc. You can also provide some distraction such as playing with us or offering food to get our minds off the harness. Meow...maybe???? Consistency and patience are the keys here to success. We are creatures of habit, and you are establishing the important foundation that we will come to expect whenever you bring out our Walking Jacket in the future.

Once we feel comfortable with the jacket and accept it, we won't even know it's there, and you can attach the leash. Let us drag the leash around the house for several minutes at a time, I likes that part...meow.....maybe several times a day, for another few days, and continue to hold us reassuringly and take us outside each time we wears the jacket, even if it's just on your front patio. Be sure to supervise us to avoid us from becoming tangled and frightened. Once we have accepted our part, pick up the leash and just hold onto it. Miz Alllie says that we will now realize that we cannot run and have some restraints placed upon us. meow....While gently pulling on the leash, offer food (Gerber's baby food on your finger is a wonderful and special treat for training times like this) and say the word 'come'. Once again, be patient, persistent and loving. Remember, we usually will not walk on a leash like a dog. Of course not....not like those big furry guys...meow....we tend to like to run a bit, stop, roll, sniff an area, eat grass and then carry on. meow,,,,gracefully of course....

For our first walks, try starting in the late evening or early in the morning in a quiet area. Most of us take a few days to adjust to the idea of leash walking. Most leash pulling behavior begins as soon as we sees the leash and knows we are about to go for a walk. If the walk begins out of control, the precedent is set for the entire walk. Before expecting us to calmly walk beside you on leash, we must be calm when you are putting our jackets and leashes on, so it is well worth it to you to spend as much time as you and us need with the initial training and having us just getting used to the jacket and firmly associating the jacket with the pleasure of the outdoors, your attention, and the fact that this is a treat worth looking forward to!!

Simply hold onto the leash, stand still and let your us dance, ricochet and bounce around at the end of the leash. It may take 5 minutes or more, but we will soon realize that you are not going anywhere and we will begin to calm down. When this happens, praise us, meow..... for being good. After another minute or so, take your first step, but NOT toward the door. Instead, walk us around our house, garage or yard to give us a chance to practice our 'not-pulling' skills. Every time we lunge or strain on the leash, simply stand still again. Always talk to us and praise us calmly and quietly, and give us a dab of baby food on your finger.

It is a tremendous effort in patience at first but it will pay off if you persevere. You may only get to the end of the block or even your driveway on your first outing, but if you give in to our demands, then we will continue to pull on the leash. But, please remember that we are very different from a dog, meow meow.....and you will be learning together what behavior of your baby is acceptable behavior for you, yet allows for you and your have an enjoyable outdoor adventure together.

When we are comfortable indoors, try going outdoors again. Again, begin in an area with few distractions such as your front or back yard, and at a quiet time of day. When the two of you have mastered this, you are ready for places where there are more distractions. This exercise won't be difficult, since you've both had lots of practice beforehand at getting it right.

If we start biting and chewing the leash, try applying a product like Bitter Apple or Tabasco sauce or some other unpleasant tasting (but non-harmful) substance to the leash. yukky...meow....Reapply before every outing until we have lost interest in chewing on the leash.

Teaching us to go on walks with you is also a wonderful means of providing stimulus, a safe outdoor environment for limited time, and positive reinforcement with plenty of time and attention from you. likes that.....

Always remember that any change in our environment or habit can be extremely stressful to us, so be sure to be patient with us. And remember too that we could now be exposed to some dangerous parasites or fleas? Oh no...meow....So be sure and check us over and keep us protected against these nasty critters. Also do not let us eat lawn grass as there could be pesticides in there and always be sure we are properly geared with our ID tags just in case...Meow.......meow.....

Friday, April 25, 2008

look What Mommy Saw Out Front??

Ahhh now even I likes these little guys...Meow

Monday, April 21, 2008

Miz ALlie got her Swap n Tails April Package

Lookie what I got? I loves it and it smells good too...meow...I thinks its catnip??? meow....Puuuuurrrrr yessirrreeee it is..meow...