Friday, April 25, 2008

look What Mommy Saw Out Front??

Ahhh now even I likes these little guys...Meow

Monday, April 21, 2008

Miz ALlie got her Swap n Tails April Package

Lookie what I got? I loves it and it smells good too...meow...I thinks its catnip??? meow....Puuuuurrrrr yessirrreeee it is..meow...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Miz Allie Cat Asks "Why do We do that?"

Miz Allie Cat wants to Know Why????

Why do we sometimes knock things over?
When we knocks things over it can be two things, we may be trying to get your attention and /or we is also having fun. This is not just an accident! We just wants you to play with us. Meow....

Do we always land on our feet?
Not always, but we have better balance than most animals. When we spreads out our back and front legs we will fall more slowly, because our bodies act as a parachute. Our tail can also help balance a us. Meow
Why do we rub up against your legs?
We rub up against your leg to make you smell like us. The more you smell like us the more we like being around you. Also, we is letting other cats know that you are our own special friend. Meow
Why do we make mad dashes around the house?
We have a lot of energy to use up. Nature gave us energy to use in the wild to chase other animals. We may not need to run like that now, but we may be having fun pretending that we is wild. Meow Meow
Why do we climb trees?
We will mainly do this for protection from other animals, such as those ole dogs chasing us. We like to look around and see what other neighborhood animals are doing. And those of us who live indoors usually like to climb up on high areas such as a bookshelf or refrigerator. We have very strong hind muscles that allow us to get to these high places. I loves to get on the back of the couch and watch the birdies outside..Meow
Why do some of us kill mice and birds?
In the wild, we have to hunt our own food. We are not given cat food in a bowl everyday. When we kill mice and birds we are just hunting and using our instincts like we would in the wild. Meow.....
Why does we seem to want to come in right after you let me out?
We feels as though our yard is our own special place. We likes to check out what other animals are in our territory. Once we have done that, we like to come back inside the house where it is warm and safe. puuurrrsss, Meow......
Why don't most of us eat a lot of food at once?
We like to eat food that is equal to one mouse. This is not much! We really get full quickly, but we like to eat several times a day. This is why it is important to leave food out for us at all times. Meow...I likes to eat after Mom goes to bed....
Why do we like to go out at night?
Nighttime can be a great time for hunting! We can see well in the dark. Our pupils become very large and our eyes glow. Our whiskers can help us in the dark also. In order to get through small spaces, we will use our whiskers to see if the rest of our body will fit. We have 24 whiskers, 12 on each side, when the whiskers are forward we is curious and when our whiskers are back we are often scared. Meow....I am always scared outside and I run fast back inside to safe...Meow...
Why do some of us claw the furniture?
This can be a bad habit that mommy really gets mad ast us for and most mommys like to stop it when we's is young. You can try giving us a scratching post to stop clawing your furniture. Here are some more reasons we do it:
It sharpens our claws.
It exercises our claw muscles.
It helps to scrape off the old outside covering.
Gets our own smells around the house.
Why do we scratch and bite people sometimes?
More then likely we are annoyed, scared or angry when we scratches. You need to remember that we are only defending ourselves. Don't get too mad at us.. Meow
A few things that can irritate us:
Pulling ourtail.
Squeezing us tightly.
Grabbing me too quick or without us realizing your there.
Dressing us in doll clothes. Yuck!!!
What toys do we like to play with?
We loves to play. We like anything soft and small that moves easily. We love to swat around our toys and pounce on them. This is how we practice their hunting skills. I also loves moms yarn balls....Meow....
Why do most we love catnip?
Catnip is a plant that we all loves to smell. It is often stuffed in many cat toys and can be sprayed on our toys too. I gots some from my Swap n' Tails pal and now I have it all over and pulled it down from the shelf and mommy keeps putting it away but when she falls asleep I go get it again.. Meow...
When does a baby kitten become a grown-up?
Kitty Calendar:
One Day Old
: When we are a newborn we are very tiny and you can hold us in the palm of your hand. We can't see yet, but we can smell. All we can do is sleep and drink our mommy's milk.
One Week Old: Our weight doubles and our eyes begin to open.
One Month Old:We start to sit up and play with our brothers and sisters.
Two Months Old: We stop nursing and begin eating food.
Three Months Old: We begin to lose our baby teeth and new teeth grow in.
Six Months Old: We get along on our own without our mommys.
One Year Old: This is when we become full grown cats. We can live many years. The average life expectancy of a us is 14 years, but many of us, me for example...I am 17 yr old now, live to be 20 years and older. Meow...I sure hopes so....
Do we watch T.V.?
I sure dos a lot..... but mommy thinks maybe I am just seeing the moving I guess the answer really is No, we do not watch T.V., but we do like watching the flickering and movement that is on the T.V. Most of us love anything that moves and many of us are hunters. We have animal instincts that tells us that this is what we should do.Meow...
Why are some of us friendlier than others?
Us friendly ones are the ones that were held and petted when we were a baby. The more attention we get the friendlier we will become. If we is shy, do not pet or chase us until we is ready. Be patient and talk softly to us and we will come around. Meow
Can we tell time?
We can't tell time the way you humans can, but we learn the habits and routines of our family. We learn things such as our mommys get up in the morning and I always start meowing for mommy at dawn so that she will get up and feeds me. We even know when a family member is coming home before you do. purrrssss...Meows....

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Mommy!!!!!

Happy Birthday To Miz Allie's Mommy!!!