Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Miz Allie Explains "What is a Calico Cat?"

Calico Cats

Some people believe that us calico cats are an actual breed, or that calico refers to a color of a cat. Since all cats are colored, calico refers to the pattern of how the coloring appears on the cat's coat.

A Calico cat, like myself, is formed by a gene known as the white spotting factor. The white spotting factor effectively slows down the migration of cells across the kitten's body. One X-chromosome in every cell is switched off.

The results are patches of white, orange, and non-orange in the kitten. The more white in a calico, the larger the patches of white, orange and non-orange because the migration of cells in the embryo is slowed.

Calico cats are overwhelmingly female. Persians are always female and give birth to black-and-white or red and white bi-colored sons.

Genetically, two X chromosomes are needed to produce a calico coat, which is why the majority of calico cats are females. If the colors are black/orange upon the coat, then the cat is a calico cat. If the colors are blue/cream instead of the standard black/orange, then the cat is a muted calico.

If the majority of calico cats are female, then does this make male calicos valuable? For cat lovers, a calico cat, regardless of gender is valuable to the owner. Calico cats are quirky, independent, a tad stubborn and fun to be around.

It is clear that calico cats have captivated hearts of cat fanciers around the world. On October 1, 2001 the state of Maryland was so enamored with this delightful cat that they declared the calico cat as their official state cat.

I, Miz Allie Cat, myself am a beautiful assorment of black, orange, and bright white as you can see in my photos. I felt this article was a true explanation of why the Calico is so treasured!!!

Miz Allie Cat

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Daisy said...

This was very interesting! I am a Calico Cat myself!