Thursday, September 13, 2007

Miz Allie Speaks Out on "The Hairball"

How to Treat a Cat That is Vomiting Hairballs

Meow...I get lots of hairballs and I usually cough them up, mainly I go and get the tall grass by the pond and chew on it and then it gets that nasty like ball up..meow...but some of us cats can be a bit fastidious, and this can often cause a hairball problem. Mainly we cats groom ourselves by licking our fur. Our tongue's feels a lot like sandpaper to our mummys and others mainly because of the many small barbs. Meow, but those barbs are helpful to us cats as they catch the hair as we lick our bodies and clean ourselves daily. Of course then the hair gets swa;;owed and thus we have our hairballs beginning. Meow the problem happens when all that hair in our tummies starts to collect and it doesn't get digested Meow...and then we start to throw up the hairballs to get rid of it.

Now.... if you want to help us out mummies can see if we are having any problems with hairballs, just look for some simple signs like are we:

  • vomiting long cigar-shaped material full of hair,

  • vomiting food immediately after we eat and then attempt to eat again,

  • passing hair in our stools

  • not eating or losing some weight

If you see your little loved one having problems vomiting hairballs, you can try theses ideas:

1: Remove all our food and water immediately.
2: If you see any blood in our vomit or it smells wose than usual, contact our veterinarian immediately. If not, go to # 3.
3: Treat us by placing one or two teaspoons of white petroleum jelly our mouth and paws so we can lick it off. Do not give us any mineral oil.
4: Repeat the petroleum jelly treatment once a day while we are having difficulty. Meow....if the problem lasts more than two or three days, contact our veterinarian immediately.


Henry Helton said...

You are a really smart kitty Allie! I like your blog. Thanks for coming over and visiting me. I'm gonna put you on my blogroll and come over and visit you all the time!

Daisy said...

Miz Allie, you are smart! I don't have much fur, so I almost never get any hairballs, not even little ones. I am lucky, I guess.