Thursday, December 27, 2007

Miz Allie's Christmas House Decorations and Goodies

We have a pretty big tree and I stay off of it...but I do sleep under it when the presses are moved....

Here is mommys big fireplace screen where all the stockings hang around it...We have rudolph hanging over the fireplace, well actually mom named him George....He gets a Santa hat to wear too...And here is the baking area and some of the finished cookies mommy made, yum...

Problem is daddy always eats them faster than mom can bake them??? Now why is that??? He has a biggggg sweet tooth...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Miz Allie got her Christmas Gifts

Miz Allie was in the Secret Paws Gift Exchange and here is what I got! I am soooo happy...
I already have tasted all the Fancy Feet, and really got into the octopus...I likes that one the bestest...Meow...and I tossed the ball around, and then I just laid down with them all... :) thank you Maximus....yous is the greatest kitty Christmas giver.... Meow

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas to all my Friends

Merry Meow Christmas
to all my Meow Friends
and a very
Puurrr New Year!!!

my pimped pic!

my pimped pic!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Good News!!!

Miz Allie has some good news. Our human brother is doing somewhat better!! Meow...he is still in ICU but mommy said that she has talked to him and he is responding SLOWLY...meow...Miz Allie is feeling better......and thanks everyone who is purrring for us...meow....

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sad Moments and Trying Times

Unfortunately Miz Allie's human brother had a terrible motorcycle accident and was on life support for a long..Meow ....8 days.....good news is he is off it now and mommy and daddy are busy at the hospital everyday, so she told me to leave a message for everyone that for now she will not be blogging till big brother gets better... Meow....Please say some purrs for our family....Meow....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Miz Allie Cat's Show n' Tails Weekend Fun

Come on over to Miz Allie Cat's Show n' Tails Weekend games....Every weekend there's a new game the rules and play along and you could win a surprise gift. It's fun and simple. And Miz Allie Cat loves to play with her friends!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Miz Allie Comments on Sleeping Cats

Now today TGIF I am taking my usual snooze, can you see my eyes??? Maybe if you squint a little....Mommy likes to sneek up on me but I can see her all the time...meow...Have you noticed that we cats spend a lot of quality time snoozing. In fact, we sleep anywhere from 13 to 16 hours per day. In other words, we spend approximately 2/3 of his entire life in dreamland. Ahhh Meow....

We sleep more than almost any other mammal. Realistically, we sleep about twice as much as our mommys and daddys do. Meow.... How much each of us cats sleep depends on our age, hunger, the temperature and the weather. Like you humans, we go through both Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and non-REM sleep.

Although no human can actually ask us that, but humans assume that we dream during REM sleep. Some humans may notice our whiskers twitch or our eyes moving behind our eyelids. The deep non-REM sleep is when our body grows and repairs itself. Meow.....yawn..I am getting tired now...meow...puuurrrr

If we seem lethargic or depressed we may be ill.... mommys and daddys should always call our Vet doctor if we change our habits in sleeping....oh no... We may be sleeping less than usual may have a thyroid problem. Although dogs are more often hypothyroid (meaning they don't have enough thyroid hormone), I knew we were better than that ole Foxy...'s some cats are more likely to be hyperthyroid (meaning they have too much thyroid hormone). Because the we are producing extra thyroid hormone our metabolism goes up, and we sleeps less. Ah try and catch us if you can....meow....

Most of us house cats, do a lot of our sleeping at night. We tend to wake up our mommys and daddys in the middle of the night and they say we are a "nocturnal" kitty....although that's not exactly true...... We are "crepuscular," which means we are most active at dawn and dusk. We like to do our hunting at these times because our prey is usually most active then....yummy...meow...
During the heat of the day, we like to sleep. Although we have good night vision, we can't see in complete darkness, so we tend to sleep then as well. Oh yes I curl up on mommy's pillow every night and push that ole Foxy out of the way....Meow...

If you notice that we are waking you humans up early every morning, we may simply be reacting to our crepuscular nature.Meow....What is that???? Meow....
When the sun comes up, we wakes up. Of course, you also can give us a big kitty reward, meow....for getting you up so early then you don't need that old loud alarm clock.....meow..... If you feed us, yum yum, in the morning, you might want to wait awhile and not jump to feeding us right away, or we might tend to think we need to wake you up so we can eats!! meow.....
The big humans say to not respond to our demansds??? But I think every mommy and daddy needs to listen to our demands closely ...don't you?? meow....and remember that we all need 16 hours a day of beauty-cat-rest...and if we get our days and nights mixed up, then mommy or daddy needs to keep waking us during the day and play with us...meow...meow...

But, sometimes when we are in the wild or feral state, us cats need to spend a good proportion of our time hunting in order to catch enough food. Because we cat hunts alone, it we only have ourselves to rely on to find enough food to survive, so we have to keep going until we are successful. Hunting tends to take place when the natural prey species of the cat (small rodents) are active, which is mostly late in the evening and early in the morning. Because hunting is hard work for us cats, we tend to rest and sleep for much of the rest of the day to conserve energy. It often seems that our cats sleep a lot because they sleep during the day when humans are up! Meow

There are also differences in sleeping habits between individual cats: some of us cats are very inactive and will rest for a large proportion of the day and night. This particularly occurs when our activity patterns are inhibited in some way: for example us indoor cats that do not have an adequately enriched environment may become very inactive. And like me take siestas many times in the daytime. Meow....
Now I need to finish my nap, please...meow....puuurrrr

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday 13, Why I Like Yarn On Me??

Ok Daisy has a Thursday 13 on her blog that I signed up for so I am going to write about the 13 reasons why I like mommy's yarn on me:

1. It feels really warm

2. It makes me look cool

3. I like to chew on it

4. I like to chase it around the room

5. It makes me look a little sexy??

6. Sometimes it just tickles me...meow

7. I get to sit on mommy's lap under it

8. I feel closer to mommy

9. It makes Foxy jealous ..meow

10. Mommy pets me a lot while moving it

11. It moves over my body and gives me a massage

12. It gives me a new hairdo

13. Because I am just silly sometimes ...Meowwwwwwww

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Miz Allie Gets Her Prize From Daisymae Maus

Yippy!!!!! The hammock has arrived from Daisymae Maus!!! Miz Allie had won the Halloween Costume Contest on Daisymae's blog.....Oh Daisymae...thank youuuu soooo beautiful hammock arrived yesterday and I now have a new bed!! meow...At first I had to investigate when mommy brought it home...and check out what this strange long brown box was??? Then mommy helped me unwrap it and put it together, of course I had to check it out before she finished and sniff all the familiar smells, Charms of course....meow....but then mum put it all up and I got right into it and found my comfortable spot and took a snooze. Mom left it right by the couch where she sits so that I can still be close by her..meow....thank it Daisymae.....ppuuurrrr....meow.....

1st I had to see who it was for?? 2nd I saw it was for me!! meowwww

Then mom had to unwrap it with my help! Next of course the sniffing it out...meow...

and lastly getting comfortable accepting it as my new TV watching bed!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Miz Allie Cat's Furrrr Pudding for the Bus Trip Gang

Miz Allie has made some Furrrr pudding for the gang on our Bus trip....We are starting to head home so she thought this would be goods for all the be sure to get yours when you stoppin by on the ways home.... meowwww...

Fuuurrr pudding:
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp meat drippings
1 t brown sugar
1 egg beaten
1/2 cup brown rice

Mix it all together and serve at room temps....meow.....

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Miz Allie Stays Home with Foxy

Mom left me home yesterday with little ole Foxy girl. She had to go out to see daughter and granddaughter for a big birthday bash. Just as well though as I was a bit tired. So I got to relax until the mail came and then Ole Foxy went her usual "spaz" over the mail falling from the slot! I mean really!! What is the big deal!!!??? Meow.... she just bores me sometimes!!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Won the Hallowe'en Costume Contest!!!!

Whoopie!!!! I won I won!!!! The great Skeezix the Cat's Second Annual Hallowe'en Costume Contest ... for Best Costume [for cat's over 10 years old] over at DaisyMae Maus' Best Geezer in Costoom :Miz Allie the Cat (Pretty Witch of the West)Daisymae Maus sponsored it and is sending me the lovely cat hammock.. Ohhh....Meow.... I cannot wait to get such a purrr-fect new bed, move over Charmee that there is now my bed!!!! I get a wonderful handmade hammock-style cat bed. Oh Yippy!!!! Thank you soooo kitty-much!!!! MEOWWWWWW!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween......I am ready now for tomorrow night...Mummy has to work in the am so I got my costume on now so she can hurry home and take out around the neighborhood...I especially want to visit that big Jack 2 doors down and then there is my friend next door, Penny...well I need to go spook ...Meow...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Miz Allie Says Things to Consider in Case of Losing a Loved One

Instinct tells a cat to hide where a predator can't find them. When a cat is ill, it may think it is being stalked - so it hides. Miz Allie says she likes to hide all the time, but after losing Mitsy she thought maybe some educating in the "Cat heaven" process might be a thought to meeander...Meow...So below are some of my findings on the "touchy" subject...Meow....
So what if you come home and find your beloved cat has died. First.. Miz Allie wants to send her condolences, and knows your pain. But what do you do now? Here's what you might do next.Meow....

  • You can call someone close to you. Even if the the other person has not been through this type of grief they can still be of comfort to you. There are hands to be held and tissues carried. Meow...

  • You need to call a professional. If it's past business hours you can call any medical hospital and they will have an emergency number for you to call.

  • Getting there is often difficult but there are ways, by car, a friend could be driving or a family member while you are in your state of grief.

  • Put your kitty in a carrier and try not to touch them much afterwards. Meow....

  • Cover the carrier with a towel

  • Take your time with the vet. This is the last time you'll see your cat. Ask any dumb question you want; vets, by law, cannot actually call your questions "dumb." Meow... Meow...

  • Decide if you want the remains in an urn or a cardboard container. Or if a group cremation would be OK. The price difference between a private and group cremation at the Humane Society can be sugnificant so check with more than one by calling in advance. This may seem morbid, but mommys and daddys do the same for themselves. Meow...

  • If you do a group cremation, you will still receive a certificate that says the pet's name and that everyone was done to code. But you will receive no remains.

  • Grieving is a normal process and don't feel that there is a time limit or right or wrong way to go about it. Many mommys and daddys wait a long time to get another kitty, but we know no matter how many cats you own , no one cat will ever replace us. Meow...

Just a few of Miz Allie's findings on preparation...

Many methods of burials are governed by individual state or local laws, so part of planning in advance includes investigating laws in your location. My county of residence prohibits the burial of cats in back yards, for instance. Since scattering of human cremains is so tightly regulated, it is doubtful that scattering of cat cremains would be legal in most areas.

  • Cremation can be arranged through your veterinarian. There are two methods:
    Communal Cremation: The remains of a cat are cremated along with other deceased pets, and disposed of according to law. Usually, there is no charge for this service. Meow...Meow....
    Individual Cremation - The remains of your beloved cat is cremated, and the cremains are returned to the you for final burial. The charge varies, as do the costs of permanent memorial urns for pet cremains. Some people even go so far as to save the cremains of their loved pets to be buried with them when they die. Meow Meow.....
  • Whole Body Burial
    At Home: This method is used regularly by grieving human survivors, who want to feel the "closure" of having a private service at home, and having the remains of the lost cat close by. The disadvantage of this method is threefold: First, apartment dwellers do not have private back yards. Second, in our mobile society, people often move, and the kitty graveyard is left behind. Last, it is prohibited by many local and state laws, so cat owners who use this method of disposal are in danger of fines and/or jail time.
  • In a Pet Cemetery: Because of escalating land values, pet cemeteries may be difficult to find. Your veterinarian may be able to help you locate one and/or arrange for burial services. Be certain to check that the pet cemetery has set aside funds for perpetual maintenance of the burial grounds, and that deed restrictions are in place, guaranteeing that the grounds will always be used for pet burial. (Some states have laws requiring a care fund and deed restrictions.) Check this site for a fairly comprehensive list of pet cemeteries in the United States.

Most of all we want to remember our cats as the ownderful pets they were and the fun and love they gave us, Miz Allie knows her mummy will always love her and keep her close to her heart in any circumstance.Meow..meow...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sad Sad Sad Day...Mitsy is Gone!!!

MEOW...Mitsy my gone...meow....she was feeling blue so her mummy took her to that vet doc and he said she had to stay there for awhile, and then the vet doc called her mummy and said she passed.... I am sad....she was a really good cuz.....Meow!!!
On a happier note I just visited my friend's at Kitty Limericks blog and there I was!!! And they even made a limerick just for me!!!! oh so nice.. I really needed that expecially on a sad day as today...thank you again!!! Meow......

Scary Spider....Yeeks...Meow

Ok Mommy had to go to a costume party Saturdy night and look what came out of the costume bax and tried to get me!!! Meow.....but have no fear I am not amused!!! Meowwww...
I am going over to enter in the "Halloween Contest".. Mommy decided that since she had to dress up then I had to be sure to come over and vote for me...I am looking pretty if I do Meow so myself...meowwww....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mommy's Home!!! Meow!!!

Ok, Mommys home, and although I had a few little presents that I left for mommy to show her that I really missed her and didn't like her going away. She really didn't get too mad at me... I mean after all she did leave me all alone, right? Meow.... I heard mom come through the door and I knew it was time for my "stinky" food again!! Meow... I was really craving it! So mom was nice and gave me a little and so I ran downstairs afterwards and hopped on her lap. Of course that sneeky Foxy had to come up too... Meow... But all is well, except I think I can smell that "Mitsy" cat of mom's sister??? I know shes my cuz....but she is so pitiful in her cage catsy class, thats what I say!!! Meow....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007