Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Look what Mommy found out back

I got a terrifics package from my Swap n' Tails partner...yummy smelling stuffs that I had to get into right away, and 3 white toys...lots of fun...
then Mommy took a picture of the sun going down and look at the dragon fly she found out by the pond. I was not too interested in going out by that big fly...I mean what if it landed on me??? It might bites my nose...Oh...No.....meow....I'm staying right here indoors where its saftest....meow....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Left at Home Alone

Mom went to the Angels game and guess where I went?


Yeah I stayed at home. But that is ok since I am not much for out there on that big scary field and they have that Monkey creature jumping up and down that makes me too dizzy and want to swap it one!!!

Mom and dad were happy though because their team won!!! And then all those fireworks!!!! Oh No!!! Meow....