Friday, August 31, 2007

Miz Allie Speaks Out for all Cats!

Miz Allie Cat says:This is a translation to some of a cats thoughts as they grow up...
Here cats are meeting a new neighbor, I believe these cats are a bit from the "Alley?" Meow....

This is a wonderful tape to get all your cats to learn the proper steps to "kitty meowisity"

And lastly here are some of "feline funnies" that some cats enjoy....Meow...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Miz Allie Gets a Pond Out Back!!! Ekk...What's That? A Spider??

Tisk Tisk....Mom and Dad built a pond out back. Now where are those fish at? Ah I think I might just wander out there tonight to take a look in that big water dish and see if there isn't anything good to eat???

all done...

Look what mom found hanging around the place!!! Dad had to squish it!! Meow...I wanted to play with it for a bit....shucks... Now what shall I do????? Meowwww

Monday, August 27, 2007

Miz Allie is Behemoth Slayer, Oh My

Here is Miz Allie's Monster

Your Monster Profile

Behemoth Slayer

You Feast On: Pie

You Lurk Around In: Nude Beaches

You Especially Like to Torment: Boys Who Wear Make-up

Miz Allie Says Mommy is 1/2 and 1/2 on the Cat Barometer

Miz Allie's Mom is 50/50% on the cat barometer. So I guess I can keep her???? But I wish she was a little more like me...meoweow...

You Are: 50% Dog, 50% Cat

You are a nice blend of cat and dog.
You're playful but not too needy. And you're friendly but careful.
And while you have your moody moments, you're too happy to stay upset for long.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Miz Allie Cat says Thursday's are "Official Kitty Cleaning Day"

Ok Thursday has been designated "Official Kitty Cleaning Day" by Miz allie Cat. Who has their cleaning done? Anyone else have photos of their cleaning tasks? As you can see I am getting right down to the kitty and gritty of things. Isn't my belly white? I can be such a stickler about being purrrr-fectly clean! :) Meow....

I thought I would share ole Foxy in her riding mode..she is such a bow-wow....but at least I had some kitty peace while she was gone...and look what is that tongue doing????...I mean really...she is not too sofisti-kitty is she now?.....Meow...Meow...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Miz Allie Cat's Facts of Touring the Countryside

No cat-lover's visit to Malaysia would be complete without a visit to Kuching in East Malaysia. Kuching is located on the River Sarawak in Borneo and is capital of Malaysia's Sarawak state. Quite how it was named Kuching, or "Cat", isn't clear, but according to legend the Englishman Sir James Brooke was given the right to rule Sarawak by the grateful Sultan of Brunei in 1841 as a reward for quelling a local rebellion. Being unsure of the town's Malay name, he simply pointed to the riverside and his local guide, thinking he was pointing to a scavenging feral cat (rather than to the town) said "Kuching".
Kuching contains a cat museum, originally housed as an exhibition in Sarawak Museum. All sorts of cats are covered from the tiger through to the Singapura (Singapore is, after all, just off the tip of the Malay peninsula!). The displays range from cats made of wood, stone, porcelain, pewter or fabric through to posters, greetings cards and stamps. Man’s relationship with cats is traced through history - from Egyptian cat-worship (though most people forget that cat-worship was a local cult, not an Egypt-wide practise) though Middle Ages persecution to the modern exhibits.
The art and literature exhibits include reproductions of Old Masters which depicted cats right through to Louis Wain (1860-1939) and modern artists such as Zoe Stokes. Other areas are devoted to stories and illustrations of famous cat lovers and their cats: Dickens, Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt. One of the most popular exhibits is the one on Cats and Children which range from classic books and toys through to modern cartoons such as Top Cat and Tom & Jerry. Interesting

The 7Ps Cat Meme

Daisy my kitty friend had this wonderful new Meme on her blog place so I thought I would jump in and meander up to the 7Ps challenge!!!! This will help me get to know fellow "kitty" bloggers a little better, this new meme is called the 7 P’s. Fill out the 7 P’s and tag five blogs that you read on a regular basis. Have fun!

  • Passion - I love Tomi, but she had to visit that "big" litter box up above so now I am scouting about wondering when Mommy will get me another pal???
  • Purpose - I think my purpose in life is to snuggle my mommy.
  • Pursuit – I like to pursue that darn Foxy. She really annoys me!!!
  • Position - I love to clean myself and sit in my "yoga" position best, or stretch my long legs forward and cross them, because I am a Lady, of course!
  • Pummeling - Hmmmmm let's see is that like pummeling on top of those bugs that fly through that dumb Foxy's doggy door? I do like to pummel on themand Mommy likes me to keep the house rid of those pests, too!!
  • Progress - I have made much progress on keeping me as white as the clouds above. I mean its not easy to be soooo clean, but Mommy loves it and I must admit I look very kitty-liscious too!!!
  • Personality - Ohhh I am a little Southern Belle type, maybe a "upper nose" personality...but then I am "Miz Allie Cat" and I should be ....afterall that's what cats are isn't it? A little bit naughty and prim and puss-properly......
    Ta Ta....Now I must scamper off to tag five others. Let's see, Meowww who shall I pick????

I think it will be: Samantha and Tiger , The Tuxedo Cats, The Feral Cats, Sia , and Derby

Monday, August 20, 2007

Catnip Capers Memo

I read this on my kitty-friend's blog. I really purrrr-sonally loved it, and since I am still bored and a little mad at mommy,plus a little ditsy from all this catnip stuff.... I deceided to jump in on the meme called "Catnip Capers". All you catsters out there have to do is just list 5 things you do whenever you're on the nip, and don't forget to tag some friends! Let's find out just how wacked out some of us get!! Here goes!!!

5 Things We Do When High On Nip

  1. Jump on the catnip hoping to break it open
  2. Chew on it and float into kitty space
  3. Throw it into the air and let it sprinkle all over us while looking crosseyed
  4. Hide it under us while swishing our tummys over it
  5. Flipping over and over again hoping it will continue to amuse us

Now it's your turn!

Be sure to tag all your kitty friends!

Miz Allie is Left Home Alone!!!

Hi there all you catsters....this is how I felt whem my mommy and daddy left me mommy and daddy went on vacation for 11 days and left me all mind you brother John did come by and feed my, but it sure was lonely all that time. She came home last night and just to show her how bad it was I am meowing every two minutes at her. Then I stuck my tail up and looked the other way when she tried to talk to me. I mean 11 days!!! And this is how I felt about that Foxy girl goinng and what I thought about doing to her little fur bottom!!! come that Foxy dog got to go???? I can ride in cars too!!! Meow!!! Well I am glad their home and mommy gave me extra ymmys as a treat last night and I even got to sleep in bed with her and I swapped that silly Foxt right off the bed...The doggy nerve of her thinking she could sleep up next to mommy!!! I sure showed her a purr and two.....But purr honestly catsters, all I really did was snoooze the time while they were on their human vacation...

Now off to fill in the cat nip Memo....

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Miz Allie Speaks out on Litter Box Ettiquette and Reassessment!!!

My litter box itself may be the turn-off for not doing my "duty" there. A doctor friend of mine Dr. Christianne Schelling, a veterinarian in Three Rivers, Calif., who has a not-for-profit educational web site, recommends one litter box per cat in the household, plus an extra box. I can agree with this purrrseption of my habits. My mommy keeps two for me and I like it just fine. "Some cat friends of mine prefer to urinate in one and defecate in another," Dr. Schelling agrees with me. She says "You have to figure out what is right for each individual cat."

Schelling agrees with Miz Allie and also recommends these steps:

  • Moms you need to figure out if the box is big enough for us Cats as we like to get in and be able to turn around. If a commercial box isn't large enough, consider turning one of your under-the-bed sweater bin into a litter box.
  • Make sure there's enough litter as us Cats like to dig. Don't skimp on litter we know that you never do on the toilet paper!.
  • Reconsider that plastic liner, I really hate that one!!! While liners make the cleanup easier for you, we cannot stand that crinkling noise or the slippery feel on our paws.

  • And by all means learn about litter. I mean the type of litter is puurrrensential to what we want in our toilets! I purrfer sand in mine and give a paws-down on pelletized or clay litter. Schelling says most of us cats puuurrrrfer sand or clumping litter, and he is puurrexactly right about that one fact.

  • Mommies everywhere listen up to this one.....Clean my box regularly!!! This is very important and all us Cats by nature can be a bit finicky. If there's even one little mess in my box, I may not go back. I just leave my little presents in the middle of the rug for my mom to discover later or sooner depending on what I ate!! You might want to keep a garbage pail right next to the litter box to make frequent cleanups easy.

  • The jury is still out on automatic self-cleaning boxes I think that most of us really don't care for it. I know I cannot stand to hear the noise and to hang around to watch it scoop that is a big PURRR NOOO!! But some other friends of mine, the whirring noise of the motor "scares the living catlights out of them," and Dr. Schelling says he knows this little fact.

Kitty Litter "Boot Camp????

Here Dr. Miller explains what some friends of mine need to help in their "toilet" habits. Now Miz Allie does not need this....but some cats may need to be retrained to use the litter box. Dr. Miller suggests having these cats undergo "litter box boot camp" by confining them to one room with their litter box for a few days. The last thing any mommie or daddy should do to one of us cats with a litter-box problem is to punish us. If you catch us in the act, pick us up and put us in the box. and if by chance we have an "accident" and miss the box, well then its really too late to scold us so ignore it till the next time. After all were only Cats!!!

Now there is another situation that all mommies and daddies may not be considering???? Puuurrrr- stress....or could it be a medical condition????

  • If its a medical conditions take us to the veterinarian to first to rule out a medical condition. Several medical conditions cause pain during elimination or an increased need to urinate or defecate. These conditions include colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, kidney or liver disease, and feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). Oh I hope none of my friends have any of these catditions

  • then it could be we are just puuuurrr-stressed as we are extremely sensitive to stressors such as you moving or changing our routine. Moms you can reduce these and other stressors whenever possible by petting us and making sure we are aware of where we will be going and maybe keeping us in the bathroom for a few days so we can get used to the new house smells and understand we are not being left behind or taken to this far away scary place.

  • Our litter box locations needs to be easily purr-accessible - ground level is ideal. Also, make sure our litter box is placed in a private, quiet, pleasant area. A dark, damp basement is not the place for anyone's toilet.

  • Too few litter boxes can make us angry with our moms. I mean how would you like to have one bathroom for 25 humans? Not too purrr-fun is it? Most of us don't appreciate having to share our litter box, regardless of whether it's fresh or filthy. I purrr-commend at least one litter box per cat - more if your cat is fussy. I sure am and love having the two mommy gives me!!!

  • Be sure to keep our boxes puuurrr-fectly clean!!! We fastidious feline kittys will go out of our way to avoid a full box - even if it means "kitty poos" where we know we shouldn't. Change our litter puuurrrr-requently. If you're using a plastic pan, replace it puuuurrrrr-eriodically; it eventually will absorb our urine odors.
Miz Allie Cat

Miz Allie Explains "What is a Calico Cat?"

Calico Cats

Some people believe that us calico cats are an actual breed, or that calico refers to a color of a cat. Since all cats are colored, calico refers to the pattern of how the coloring appears on the cat's coat.

A Calico cat, like myself, is formed by a gene known as the white spotting factor. The white spotting factor effectively slows down the migration of cells across the kitten's body. One X-chromosome in every cell is switched off.

The results are patches of white, orange, and non-orange in the kitten. The more white in a calico, the larger the patches of white, orange and non-orange because the migration of cells in the embryo is slowed.

Calico cats are overwhelmingly female. Persians are always female and give birth to black-and-white or red and white bi-colored sons.

Genetically, two X chromosomes are needed to produce a calico coat, which is why the majority of calico cats are females. If the colors are black/orange upon the coat, then the cat is a calico cat. If the colors are blue/cream instead of the standard black/orange, then the cat is a muted calico.

If the majority of calico cats are female, then does this make male calicos valuable? For cat lovers, a calico cat, regardless of gender is valuable to the owner. Calico cats are quirky, independent, a tad stubborn and fun to be around.

It is clear that calico cats have captivated hearts of cat fanciers around the world. On October 1, 2001 the state of Maryland was so enamored with this delightful cat that they declared the calico cat as their official state cat.

I, Miz Allie Cat, myself am a beautiful assorment of black, orange, and bright white as you can see in my photos. I felt this article was a true explanation of why the Calico is so treasured!!!

Miz Allie Cat

Miz Allie Speaks Out on "The Power of the Purr!"

Once there was a lady who visited her personal physician to discuss some joint pain issues, she mentioned that on bad days, she had preferred to stay in her bed with her cats. Her doctor said, “Oh that’s excellent! A cat’s purr is known to help strengthen bones.” Of course, she had to ask him to kindly to tell herwhat in the world he was talking about and that was when she learned that having cats has actually been scientifically proven to promote healing! A cat’s purr (vibrational stimulation) has been linked to the relief of suffering in persons with both acute and chronic pain, generating new tissue growth, augmenting wound tissue strength, improving local circulation and oxygenation, reducing swelling and inhibiting bacterial growth.

Monday, August 6, 2007

"Meow" Photo Shoot

Meow Meow Meow .......
Here I am keepiong warm by the fireplace!

And checking out my best side view!

Oh and be sure to check out me on Catster with my other friends!!!

This is Foxy....yes I have to tolerate her at times, but she is mostly in the downstairs area and I of course live much higher, upstairs!!! Oh she can be such a pain running around barking all the time, I do have to get after her once in awhile and throw her a swat or two to keep her in line. After all she needs to know who's boss around here, right?

Hello I am Miz Allie Cat!!!

Welcome to my blog....I usually am a bit shy, of course except with my Mommy, but I do like to show off too!!! I just had my beauty appointment this day and I think I look rather "Puuurrrfect" don't you? I will be purring in often to see who has stopped by my "blog house" to drop me a treat!! Be sure to let me know where you live so I can strut my stuff by your place and say "Hi" to you!! Enjoy and do come puuuuuurrrrrrrring back again!!!